About Kerigreen

WHO WE ARE: Kerigreen first started out in 2006 as the first commercially successful greenwaste resort in the Bay of Islands. Today we are the largest manufacturers of quality growing media and landscape supplies north of the harbour bridge.

At Kerigreen we work with councils, waste companies and industries that produce unwanted waste to divert from landfill. We put this so called waste to good use producing premium quality products from Horticulture Compost and custom blends to high quality decorative products. We work hard to transform sustainable material into innovative products that add value to our clean and green environment in a resourceful manner.

Kerigreen strives to deliver premium products that nurture and improve plants and their environment.  Get in touch today, together we can protect the beautiful landscape of New Zealand.


Passion - We're a passionate team that believes in keeping New Zealand clean and green, providing sustainable products that enhance and nurture the environment.

Honesty - We care about being upfront and honest in everything we do.

Quality - We like to strive for excellence in providing not only quality products, but quality service, delivering your needs quickly & effectively.

Positivity -  To look on the bright side to limitless opportunities and bearing a positive attitude in all that we do, makes for a friendly, vibrant team and thus improving the quality of our work.